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Help your dog to a healthier weight

4 steps action plan
For good health and wellbeing, it’s best if your four-legged friend’s weight is in the ‘healthy zone’. Discover how to help them get and stay there.

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Help your dog to a healthier weight

Much like humans, a dog’s weight can have a big impact on their long-term health, affecting everything from their joint and heart health to their everyday quality of life.

Both underweight or overweight can pose a health risk, but in recent years, it’s being overweight that’s proved to be the bigger problem, with a 2018 survey showing that 59 per cent of pet dogs around the world are carrying too much weight.

Not sure if your dog’s one of them?

Or whether they’re at the other end of the scale?

And want to know what you can do to help, either way?

Our four-week action plan is a great place to start.

Time to complete

  • 4 weeks


  • A healthy digestive system
  • A regular exercise routine (which is good for you too!)
  • PAW Improved weight control, and general health and wellbeing


While nearly two thirds of pet dogs around the world are overweight, only a quarter of owners agree that their pet is a tad too heavy. Learn how to assess your dog’s weight to work out whether they’re over- or underweight, and how to tweak how much you’re feeding them, to suit.
Just like us, a big part of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for your dog involves enjoying some regular, muscle-building exercise. Find out how to make it work for both of you.
Recent research shows that your dog’s gut bacteria might have a role to play in how easily they’re able to maintain a healthy weight. Learn what you can do to make sure it’s in tip-top condition.
While your four-legged family member is working towards a healthy weight, take some time to pay attention to and support their overall health and wellbeing as well. We’ll show you how.

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