Pet health Action plans

At PAW by Blackmores, we believe that actions speak louder than words.
No matter what health issue your four-legged friend is facing, we have an Action Plan to help you.
Want to help their sore joints? There’s an Action Plan for that!  Stop the scratch and help their itchy skin? We’ve got that covered too. 
And we’re with you every step of the way with loads of actionable advice delivered straight to your inbox every week.
So sign up and help your furry friend to better health today.

Action plan

Improve your dog’s behaviour, and reduce their anxiety levels (yours, too) with this useful guide.

  1. Understand your dog’s behaviour and what's causing it

  2. Learn to be a leader

  3. Feed your dog better manners

  4. Lead with love and fairness

Health and vitality

Action plan

Discover the hacks that can increase your dog's mobility, especially in the colder months.

  1. Identify early signs of joint disease in dogs

  2. Improve your dog's comfort

  3. Increase your dog's mobility and fitness

  4. Use our house hacks to ensure your dogs home is comfortable

Joint care

Action plan

Learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy during their golden years.

  1. Managing their doggy diet

  2. Keeping your senior pet active

  3. Medical issues your dog may face

  4. Grooming your senior dog

Health and vitality

Action plan

Tackle a problem that all dog owners will recognise – itchy skin.

  1. Put the bite on fleas and insects

  2. Allergies and the environment

  3. Is your dog’s diet to blame?

  4. Why some breeds are born to scratch

  5. Why some breeds are born to scratch

Skin and coat health

Action plan

For good health and wellbeing, it’s best if your four-legged friend’s weight is in the ‘healthy zone’. Discover how to help them get and stay there.

  1. Work out your dog’s weight – and how much to feed them

  2. Get fitter together!

  3. Improve your dog’s gut health

  4. Focus on their general health and wellbeing

Health and vitality

Action plan

Learn about the importance of digestive health for your dog’s overall wellness.

  1. Why a healthy gut is so important

  2. Managing the yucky bits

  3. Digestion, nutrition and weight

  4. Digestive health for every age

PAW Digestive health

Action plan

Set your new four-legged family member up for long-term health and wellbeing.

  1. Teach your pup good eating habits

  2. Streamline the toilet training process

  3. Have some adventures!

  4. Teach them some new things

PAW Digestive health

Action plan

Here’s how to get yourself fighting fit, with your best friend in tow.

  1. Step-up your physical activity

  2. Adopting a healthier diet

  3. Adopting healthier lifestyle habits

  4. Supplements and your health

Energy & exercise

Action plan

We know how much time and energy you spend looking after the pets in your care, so now is a great time to refocus on you.

  1. Eating healthier

  2. Learn to manage stress

  3. Get moving

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