15 Sep 2015

Try Our Award Winning pawDerm® Technology

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We are very proud that our pawDerm® technology has been recognised by the 2015 Australian Business Awards as a winner in the “product excellence” category.

Two of the major causes of skin reactions to topical shampoos are harsh surfactant ingredients (cleaning agents) and artificial (synthetic) fragrances.  They can result in skin irritation, drying, dandruff, itchiness and even hair loss.

Sulphates are the most commonly used surfactant in human and animal products as they are effective cleansers and low cost. However, they are also strong  irritants. The two primary sulphate surfactants used in most products are Sodium  lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and its ethoxylated equivalent Sodium Lauryl Ether sulphate (SLES). Both cleansers are made by “sulphating” palm oil. Over 250 studies show that sulphate-based cleansers irritate the skin, strip the natural oils and can compromise the skin barrier. This increases the risk of allergens and irritants entering the skin – leading to itchy skin and more serious conditions. Artificial fragrances are another major cause of irritation to the skin. They make the scent last longer but dry out the skin.

All PAW topical products are formulated with the pawDerm® technology so they are gentle on the skin while providing effective cleaning & conditioning.

  • Hypoallergenic Soap and Sulphate free surfactants that are both mild on the  skin but effective in cleaning. These surfactants do not strip the natural oils or dehydrate the skin as well as minimizing moisture loss and irritation.
  • Non Irritant Essential Oils – all PAW Coat & Skin Care products have 100% natural botanical essential oils to leave the pet fresh and natural smelling with a scent that is pleasant to both the pet owner and the dog.
  • pawDerm® technology also uses Paraben-free preservatives.
  • Finally each PAW coat & skin care product includes moisturizing ingredients that help to optimise skin hydration as well as minimize water and natural oil loss.
  • No artificial colours or fragrances.
  • No Phthalates.

We are so proud to be a winner in the 2015 Australian Business Awards for our pawDerm® technology and thank you very much for your support.

PAW products with pawDerm® technology:

PAW MediDerm Gentle Medicated Shampoo
PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Shampoo 
PAW NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner
PAW TriDerm Calming Gel®
PAW Puppy Gentle Shampoo
PAW Puppy Conditioning Spray
PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo
PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner
PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo

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