Who stresses you out the most

Who stresses you out the most?

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The app that tells you how you really feel about the people around you

You can track just about anything and everything these days- your food, your fitness, your sleep……

And now it seems you can track how you respond to the people around you.

pplkpr (pronounced “People keeper”) is a new app “that tracks, analyzes, and auto-manages your relationships.”

The app “measures your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and optimizes your social life accordingly.”

How does it work?

By measuring your heart rate variability and asking you questions along the way, the app starts to work out who is making you happy and excited or stressed and anxious.

The idea is that you can manage your relationships better- spend time with the people you have a positive response to and conversely- cut the more ‘toxic’ relationships from your life.

Part art project, the app was developed by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald from Carnegie Mellon University.  

"Most of the decisions it makes are things you’d have trouble making yourself and having something else make that decision can be a relief or sometimes it helps you make up your mind, “ McDonald told Mashable.

But is this app taking the tracking of your personal data too far?

Lauren McCarthy tells the Huffington Post "There's a part that's kind of earnest or optimistic about exploring these ideas."
"You might realize it's terrifying, or you might realize there's something interesting in the reflection," McCarthy said.

Would you use an app to manage your personal relationships? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Hmmmm a tricky one, but if one has enough tools to even know there emotion only then will they get this app I guess