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Ask a trainer

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Got a training question? Ask Runlab founder and marathon runner, Vlad Shatrov below!

With over 10 years’ experience training runners together with competing at the highest levels in distance running, Vlad Shatrov knows what it means to be a runner.

After completing the 2016 Berlin Marathon in a PB of 2:18, Vlad knows what it takes to set a goal and really work towards it. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained by racing numerous prestigious events abroad, at home, on road and on the trails. Vlad has a passion for running like no other and has trained with many of Australia’s best runners and coaches. Plus, he's running this year's Blackmores Half Marathon alongside many of you!

Vlad is also the founder of Runlab, a leading provider of group interval training sessions, group functional strength classes and personalized running analysis and programming. He has trained runners of all abilities, so whether you’re looking to run in the Family Fun Run, smash the Bridge Run, step up to the Half marathon or finish the Blackmores Sydney Marathon, he can help you with your training.

His running career started slowly – after undergoing surgery at the age of 10 to alleviate joint fusions in both ankles, he was told it was unlikely that he would be able to make a career out of the sport that he loved yet caused him so much grief. Undeterred, as a young teenager growing up on a sheep property in South Eastern NSW, he continued to push his body, enjoying the freedom that running provided.

Not only has he successfully competed in many individual road races, but he has helped many people, from absolute beginners to seasoned runners, achieve personal bests in both running and triathlons.

Got a question for Vlad? Ask him in the comments section below!

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Hi Vlad, Thanks very much for the programs over last few years. I took the step from 3 runs a week on your Intermediate program last year, to 5 runs a week on your Advanced program this year. I managed to stay injury free and healthy and pushed my best times in training across all distances, but could not better last year's time of 90'. Time to reassess, and I think perhaps I should have reached peak volume further out from the race (this year was about 1 month closer to the race, and that volume was more than double last year's). What do you think?
Hi Vlad, I don't have a question but I just wanted to say thank you for the great training program. I have been running for a number of years but thought I was at my limit and couldn't really improve more. But I decided to try and follow your program as much as possible and it paid off big time. I managed to set PBs in a 10km and 21km leading up to the marathon and finally today also manged a marathon PB of more than15mins. All from following your 16 week program. Thanks so much, its been an amazing journey.
Hi Vlad, I have been training for 4 months for my first marathon but 2 week ago i got cold and been suffering for a while. I haven't ran and trained properly for a week and got some rest. The Sydney marathon starts on 15 Sept but I have been suffering from chesty cough and congestion and have this chest pain in the morning because of too much coughing. Please advice whether or not I should do this marathon if the cough persist or is it fine to run it with medicine? It will be a big setback as I was training for this for a while.Still have 3 days left, finger crossed and resting.
Hi Vlad. I'm doing my first marathon next weekend and I'm keen to know if you think I'll make it! I haven't stuck to a training plan but I do attend gym fit classes 3 times a week, cycle to and from work each day (approx. 50km per week) and run 10km once a week. I've done the blackmores half before and ran the same distance 2 weeks ago in just in 2 hours without an issue. I'm a regular at city to surf and always clock approx. 64 mins. I'm aiming for 4 hours in the marathon but conscious I haven't stuck to a strict training regime. Any advice? Thanks
Hi Vlad. In this week's schedule it says 20 mins easy 20 mins at marathon pace, then it says the same again. I'm sure it's supposed to be doubled up but there's a full stop in there so I'm not sure. Is it a 40 min run or a 80min run all up tomorrow? Thanks!
Hi Vlad, this will be my first marathon, however, I have done 36 km trail and a couple of halfs, so feel confident that I will manage the distance. My problem is, that I never find a pace that is both doable and challenging. What I mean is, that at the end of a run, I usually "sprint" the last 3 km, I still have a lot of energy left and no sore legs the next day - a sign for me, that I could have pushed harder. At the beginning of a run and probably until 3 quarters in, I am too afraid to go too hard though as I fear, I won't be able to finish then. Is there a trick on how to notice limits and a good pace? Or do I just have to risk a few failures and try it out?
Hi Vlad, I would like to ask how to prevent calf or leg injury in general, I have been participating in City2Surf for 6 years, every time I would get some kind of injury, lately while training, I notice, after 10Km, my leg will start have tingling sensation and if I keep going, it will start hurting, I would like to ask how to prevent the injury. I really appreciate your advise. Regards
Hi, I am doing my first half marathon in 6 weeks time and am up to 30km per week, (1x 15km, 2x 7.5km per week) and was keen to run the distance three weeks prior to the race. I will then have a natural tapering fortnight as off snowboarding prior for a week and then then just light runs and stretching in the 7 days lead up to the race. Could you advise if this is a good idea? Many people have said to 'not do' the race distance prior to the race, but I think it will help me mentally with the race. Thanks for your assistance.