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Ask a trainer

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Got a training question? Ask Runlab founder and marathon runner, Vlad Shatrov below!

With over 10 years’ experience training runners together with competing at the highest levels in distance running, Vlad Shatrov knows what it means to be a runner.

After completing the 2016 Berlin Marathon in a PB of 2:18, Vlad knows what it takes to set a goal and really work towards it. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained by racing numerous prestigious events abroad, at home, on road and on the trails. Vlad has a passion for running like no other and has trained with many of Australia’s best runners and coaches. Plus, he's running this year's Blackmores Half Marathon alongside many of you!

Vlad is also the founder of Runlab, a leading provider of group interval training sessions, group functional strength classes and personalized running analysis and programming. He has trained runners of all abilities, so whether you’re looking to run in the Family Fun Run, smash the Bridge Run, step up to the Half marathon or finish the Blackmores Sydney Marathon, he can help you with your training.

His running career started slowly – after undergoing surgery at the age of 10 to alleviate joint fusions in both ankles, he was told it was unlikely that he would be able to make a career out of the sport that he loved yet caused him so much grief. Undeterred, as a young teenager growing up on a sheep property in South Eastern NSW, he continued to push his body, enjoying the freedom that running provided.

Not only has he successfully competed in many individual road races, but he has helped many people, from absolute beginners to seasoned runners, achieve personal bests in both running and triathlons.

Got a question for Vlad? Ask him in the comments section below!

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Hi Vlad,
Sunday will be my first half marathon. Im ready and excited! I have been following the Blackmores Half Marathon intermediate training program which has been fantastic. Tomorrow I am required to do 6 x 200 hard/200 float continuous. What is float continuous?
Fiona 11 Sep 2017
Hi Vlad,
Unfortunately haven't been able to do any training the last 4 weeks due to chest infection follow by a mid/upper back pain, I have missed my long training, my longest one was 24kms in July 23, follow by 21 on July 30. Done a few short run but my last one was 10 August ....everyone is telling me not to run the full marathon but I feel I could just try and not challenge myself with my pace.....could you please advise me if this is wise to still do it with so little training?
Thank you,
isabelle 04 Sep 2017
Hi Vlad,

Sadly due to baby sickness I wasn't able to do the 1.5 hours as planned on Wed.

My longest run was on the 12th of August, 3hours 30kms. Following weekend my long run was 1hr 50mins (15kms, I was overseas), last weekend 2 hours but only managed 15kms due to sickness.

I know I am meant to taper but feeling like I haven't done enough.

My question is what do I do tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday? A chest cold is still brewing (sound like a man) but don't feel sick oddly.

Should I go for say 40 mins tomorrow and 2 hours or go distance 30kms?

Scared I will be fatigued for the race
Zunilka 31 Aug 2017
Hi Vlad,

Similar to Nicole below, I was sick last weekend, but only managed 120 minutes of what should have been 210mins run. Would the following work or is it too much given I still managed 120mins on the weekend

Monday - Strength
Tuesday - Hills
Wednesday - 120 minutes
Thursday - Strength
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 180 minutes
Sunday - Rest (Fathers Day)
Zunilka 28 Aug 2017
Hi Vlad,
I am following the intermediate program for the marathon and was unwell on the weekend so reluctantly missed my final long run - 210min. Should I still try to complete this at some point this week instead of one of the other easy run sessions - like Wednesdays 60 min.
I was thinking of doing a split session of 2 hours then 1.5hr as this works around my commitments. Do you think this would work?
I am already feeling much better and will hopefully be fighing fit again by Wednesday so feel like this option is achievable. What are your thoughts?
Nicole Grover
Nicole Grover 28 Aug 2017
Hi Vlad. I'm training for the upcoming marathon and not sure when to do my last long run. I have done one 28km run and two 32km runs. The last 32 was on Saturday. Should I be aiming to do another long session or should I start to taper off?
Lyndal 25 Aug 2017

How do I work out my ideal running weight?
David 25 Aug 2017
Hi there. I've entered the marathon, it will be my second. I did 28km at 4 weeks to go, 32km planned for 3 weeks out but I won't be able to do it! So my question is, do I do the 32km with only two weeks to go, or settle with 28km having been my longest? I'm 49 and worried about being either under or over done!!
Alison 25 Aug 2017