• About PAW - Pet Health by Blackmores

About PAW - Pet Health by Blackmores

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Why do humans love pets? Because they love us back. At PAW by Blackmores we believe that the key to a happy, healthy life is having a happy, healthy pet.

Originally founded by veterinarian Dr Alister Webster, Pure Animal Wellbeing, now known as PAW, was acquired by Blackmores in 2010 to form the Blackmores Animal Health division. The PAW range continues to be developed by Australian vets to deliver scientifically backed products that help to play an integrative role in pet health. 

As you would expect from Blackmores, the PAW range of products reflects a continued commitment to leading natural healthcare and encouraging pro-activity for long-term wellbeing. Ultimately providing you with a range of natural pet healthcare products that you can trust

About Dr Alister Webster & PAW

Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) was developed by Dr Alister Webster, a third generation vet from the Webster family who are renowned by vets for creating quality pet products for over 80 years.
Dr Webster noticed an emerging trend among pet owners actively seeking preventative and long term health measures and wellbeing products for their pets. Owners were aware of natural healthcare for themselves, recognised the benefits of these products and were demanding an equivalent range of products for their pets.
In response to this, Dr Webster spent over four years researching and developing natural actives and product alternatives for veterinary wellbeing products before introducing Pure Animal Wellbeing products to vets in Australia. 

Our animal health philosophy

As you would expect our philosophy and values for animal health and the PAW range reflects Blackmores continued commitment to leading natural healthcare.
We care about animals and their wellbeing.
We pride ourselves on developing products that include the latest technologies and ingredients to maximise the health and wellbeing of your pet.
All our products are researched, clinically tested by vet specialists and endorsed by vets.
We are committed to using premium quality ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance the health and wellbeing of your pet. 

Our product range

The PAW range focuses on the following areas of natural pet healthcare:
The PAW range is developed by vets and inspired by nature, taking pet’s unique health needs into consideration.

Sustainability and PAW

At PAW sustainability is important to us and we are committed to sustainable practices both in the production of our products and in the day to day running of our business.

Putting a non-recyclable item in the wrong bin can impact the recycling process, so we have partnered with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation to make it easy for you to know which parts of our packaging are recyclable. On each PAW label there will be Australian recycling logos to indicate how to dispose of each component of the packaging. 

As well as having recyclable packaging options, we also sustainably source the highest quality ingredients to use in our products. 

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