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Herb-crusted chicken

RECIPE: Herb-crusted chicken

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A quick, easy and highly nutritious weeknight meal. Make this recipe by nutritionist Jessica Cox tonight!

{Serves: 2 - 4 people, depending on side dishes}
{Preparation time: 15 minutes}
{Cooking time: 7 - 8 minutes}
{Gluten-free option}


  • 2 free range, organic chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup brown rice flour
  • 1/2 cup oat flour or oat bran (polenta or quinoa flakes can be used for a gluten-free option)
  • 1/3 cup tightly packed fresh herbs (I used parsley, thyme and oregano)
  • 1/4 cup dairy free milk of choice (I used rice milk)
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds or flaxseeds (or a combination of both works well)
  • 2 - 3 tablespoons high heat stable oil such as macadamia nut oil, coconut oil or unrefined rice bran oil
  • Sea salt and pepper

How to make

When choosing your herbs don't be afraid to play around with a variety of choices, depending what is in season. Think about rosemary, tarragon and sage for instance. Coriander would also be lovely with some basil and parsley for an Asian spin.

Start by taken your chicken breasts and placing them between two sheets of baking paper on a large chopping board. Get yourself a rolling pin and give the chicken breasts a good whack to flatten them out to and even consistency. You're aiming for about 1cm thick. Set chicken aside.

Now prep your ingredients for crumbing the chicken. Take three large plates and top one with the rice flour and season the flour with some salt and pepper. On the next plate place the coarsely ground oat flour (or oat bran/polenta/quinoa flakes) and toss through the chopped herbs and the flaxseeds (or sesame seeds). Season this again with salt and pepper. For the third plate simply pour on the milk of choice (ensure your plate works well for this, or otherwise use a bowl.

Now take your chicken breasts one at a time and start by placing it in the rice flour mix. Press it down well on one side, then turn it over and press down again. The aim is to make sure all the surfaces are covered with the flour. Now pick it up and place it into the milk allowing it to get wet all over. Don't leave it sitting in here for too long, just dunk it in then pull it out allowing any drips to fall off back into the milk.

Lastly, take the chicken breast and place into the herby oat mixture and press down well to coat, repeating on the other side. Once this is well coated repeat with the next chicken breast.

Making herb-crusted chicken

Once all your chicken is coated you are ready to cook.

Take a large frying pan and heat it to a good medium-high heat. Add in some high heat stable oil such as macadamia oil, unrefined rice bran oil or coconut oil. Once this is hot add in the chicken schnitzel being careful of any spitting oil.

Allow the schnitzel to cook well on one side for around 3 - 4 minutes occasionally giving the pan a shake to make sure the oil is reaching under the surface of the schnitzel. When the schnitzel looks like it’s a lovely golden brown underneath, turn it over to cook on the other side. Generally this side will take a little less time, around 2 - 3 minutes depending on how you like your chicken. Please note you may need to add a little more oil when flipping the schnitzel over if the pan is quite dry (the crumbs soak up the oil).

Once the chicken schnitzel is cooked remove it from the pan and serve while hot. I like to serve this chicken schnitzel with some of my eggplant, tomato and mango chutney, beetroot coleslaw and a side of sesame seed & turmeric sweet potato wedges.

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Nutritional Information

These herb crusted chicken schnitzels provide a high amount of all essential amino acids. Combining this dish with some sweet potato wedges (carbohydrates) and coleslaw (fresh vegetables and some lovely fats in the dressing) makes this dish a complete, balanced meal.

As mentioned above chicken is a rich source of amino acids (protein). One cup of cooked chicken provides around 45grams of protein, close to 80% of our recommended daily intake (give or take individual needs). Chicken is also a rich source of B1, B6, phosphorus, selenium and iron.

These herb crusted chicken schnitzels can easily be made gluten-free (as mentioned in the ingredients list). Just omit the oat flour and use polenta or quinoa flakes. Polenta is also one of my favourites to use as it gives a really great crust to the chicken. However, using oats or quinoa flakes will definitely give the dish more complex carbs for sustaining fuel.

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Jessica Cox Nutritionist

Jessica Cox

Jessica is a passionate foodie and qualified, practicing nutritionist with a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition), with over eight years of clinical experience. She is the founder and business owner of the successful Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic based in Brisbane, Australia. The Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic (JCNC) treats all facets of health conditions, though specialises with ongoing digestive issues and food intolerances.

Jess is also the creator of the Jessica Cox website and blog, an expression of everything she loves rolled into one, including her passion for creating recipes that catering for food intolerances. Jess is available for consultations at her clinic based in Brisbane, along with Skype and Phone consultations for national and international clients.

Contact Jess with any queries or questions at or email Source great food ideas and more by following Jess on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

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