How to disconnect and enjoy your life today

How to disconnect and enjoy your life today

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Do you feel constantly plugged into dozens of different aspects of your life? By making small changes today, you can still be productive and focus on what really matters.

If you’re constantly multi-tasking but feel like you’re always on the back foot, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. You may be feeling pulled in every direction: kids, work, household chores, and bills - the list can go on.

It’s no wonder you’re always two steps behind. But what are you really sacrificing to accommodate an increasingly busy life?

Being too busy and stressed could actually be doing you more harm than good. A 2010 survey of 3,064 workers found that being busy at work actually contributes to higher levels of anxiety and stress as opposed to productivity. Research has also indicated that job stress is linked to an increased risk of poor heart health and insomnia.

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So if you’re feeling stressed trying to keep up with the competing demands of work as well as juggling a household, family and friends, take a look at a few ways you can focus on less and still have a productive - and, most importantly, healthier life.

Turn off technology

It’s ironic that technology has advanced to make connections easier and faster yet often makes us feel pressure to keep up with the hectic pace.

Control the pace by turning off technology at different times of the day. Get used to switching off your emails for certain blocks of time, or dedicate set times during the day for social media use - and make sure this time doesn’t coincide with time with family or friends.

You’ll have more time to focus on enjoying a conversation over dinner with friends - and you’ll probably be less inclines to check your Twitter feed religiously, too. 

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Single tasking

Forget multi-tasking, and discover the value of focusing on one thing at a time.

Single tasking requires some forward planning and structure. It can be as simple as re-thinking how you’re going to plan your day by completing important tasks first - and making sure you commit to finishing them!

Single tasking can also give your tasks more focus and mindfulness.

Slow down and notice the little things

Ever heard the saying, wake up and smell the roses? Now might be the time to slow down and look around - you might be surprised at what you’re missing.

Next time you’re going for a walk and getting some exercise, try smiling when you pass strangers instead of making a phone call or listening to music. Take deep breaths of fresh clean air and absorb the nature around you. It’s easy to forget the simple things around you that can give you the most pleasure.

Learn to let go

Let’s face it; you’re not going to be able to be everything to everyone. Knowing your limits and what needs attention and what doesn’t can really help you re-focus your efforts.

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And, if you really want to live dangerously, try leaving work a bit earlier than usual - starting today!