7 healthy party foods that kids will love

7 healthy party foods the kids will love

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Trying to feed healthy food to a raucous party of kids can be a challenge. But a little ingenuity, and some clever food ideas, will charm even the most sugar-loving child.

When kids first arrive at a party they are often really excited and hungry, meaning they’ll often head straight towards the food table. 

It’s in these first few minutes that kids are more likely to overindulge, often resulting in that silly and then sick feeling later. 

The trick is to offer the more nutritious and substantial foods up front and to make them as fun and appealing as the typical party food they are used to. 

Here’s how. 

1. ‘Sausage’ rolls

The beauty of this party favourite is that kids will only see the pastry they love and not be so fussy about what’s inside. So you can pack them full of green veggies, while guaranteeing that they will still disappear off the plate. 

2. Rainbow fruit skewers

Threading colourful chopped fruit onto a skewer in a rainbow pattern makes for a pretty impressive table decoration. You can top the skewer with a marshmallow or brownie bite, or serve the skewers alongside a chocolate fountain for something really special. 

3. Dipper cups

Filling the bottom of a paper cup with a dip such as hummus and sticking in some cucumber and carrot ‘dippers’ is a great way to include some veggies. Most kid’s love to ‘dip’ and the un-intimidating single serve display will make it easy to grab-and-go.
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4. Pizza scrolls

A batch of warm ham, cheese and pineapple pizza scrolls is a nice and filling crowd pleaser. Super-easy, no-rise yoghurt dough, a quick spread of tomato paste and simple toppings means you can have these done and dusted in under 30 minutes.

5. Bliss balls

These not only look great but can also be full of healthy and fulfilling seeds and nut butters (if allergies aren’t a concern). You can make so many different flavour combinations and they are as simple as blitzing all of the ingredients in a food processor and then rolling into balls. Bliss balls also freeze brilliantly, so you can make them ahead of time. 

6. Smoothie icy-pops

Icy-pops are a great way for the kids to take a ‘breather’ or transition from one game to the next. Why not try making a fruit smoothie and freezing in individual icy-pop moulds or plastic sleeves. You can make different colours to match any pink princess or green hulk party theme. 

7. Zucchini brownies

The lovely dark colour of brownies is the perfect place to smuggle in some veggie goodness. With the right recipe you can hide a cup or more of grated zucchini (and nut butters too) in a batch of brownies, and with an untraceable flavour it just adds to the chewy texture.

The kids will be none the wiser and the other parents will be singing your praises at drop-off for weeks to come. 

After a big day enjoying all kinds of different party foods and finishing with a slice of cake many kids don’t really need a party bag filled with more sweet stuff. Try filling the party bag with some novelty toys that can help the kids wind down at home. Toys such as play dough and cutters or crayons and stickers are great ideas.