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3 Mar 2019

From Catch To Capsule, Blackmores' Fish Oil

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Our search for high quality ingredients has taken us on a journey to the other side of the world, to a beautiful coastline and one of the planet’s most pristine oceans.

Blackmores is a company that goes to great lengths to source high quality and natural ingredients. And here, off the Coast of Peru, is our primary source of wild anchovies for our fish oil omega-3 products.

We choose small fish, low in the food chain which typically have less issues with contaminants, like mercury, that sometimes larger fish can have .

The anchovies thrive on algae making them a rich source of omega-3s which support eye brain health and healthy hearts.

Our partners share our passion for responsible sourcing and guided by the World Wide Fund for Nature we are working together towards achieving sustainability . 

We owe it to the local fishermen whose families have fished these waters for 5,000 years.  They consider themselves the custodians of the sea and they share our respect for nature.

When it comes to fish, freshness matters. So we extract the oil within 24 hours  of the boats docking to protect the potency and quality of the precious omega fats. 

Our formulations are based on a growing body of scientific evidence  and meet our strict ingredient policy  - so we only use high quality fish oil in each capsule. 

We put every batch through an extensive program  of laboratory testing for contaminants, including mercury, plasticisers, dioxins and pesticides. 

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop when the capsules are manufactured -  our ongoing stability testing means you can be confident our fish oil products contain the level of omega 3s your expecting throughout their entire shelf life. 

Blackmores fish oil capsules comes through our production facility at Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for further quality assessment and bottling. Our fish oil capsules pass 30 tests and checks before they reach the shelf .

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, change or worsen, talk to your healthcare professional.

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