Naturally gentle, sulphate free, coat and skin care.

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Help relieve your dog's itchy skin

Tackle a problem that all dog owners will recognise – itchy skin.

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How to raise a healthy, happy puppy

Set your new four-legged family member up for long-term health and wellbeing.

  1. Teach your pup good eating habits
  2. Streamline the toilet training process
  3. Have some adventures!
  4. Teach them some new things
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Caring for your senior dog

Learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy during their golden years.

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PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner

PAW Senstive Skin Conditioner_V2_main

from $14.95

Developed by vets specifically for dogs with fragile skin. Provides key nutrients and deeply moisturises the coat and skin to maintain skin health. For animal use only.
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PAW Conditioning & Grooming Spray

PAW conditioning grooming spray_V2_main

from $16.95

An easy way to moisturise, detangle & freshen your dog’s coat between washes. This alcohol free formula is a gentle, effective way to keep your dog’s coat in great condition in a simple spray. For animal use only
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