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Caring for your senior dog

4 steps action plan
Learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy during their golden years.

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Caring for your senior dog

As dogs get older, they need even more special care and attention. To look after your best friend, you should start to focus on things like a senior diet, appropriate gentle exercise and careful grooming, as well as keeping on top of any medical issues that may be more likely to develop in aged pets.

This action plan will help you identify your dog’s needs, make some simple changes and keep your pet in tip-top shape for many years to come.

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Time to complete

  • 4 weeks


  • Improve overall health
  • Keep joints strong
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Protect skin and coat
  • Identify potential medical issues


Obesity is a major problem for many older dogs as their metabolism slows down and they aren’t as active as they used to be. As they age, you may need to make some changes to their diet. Look for specially formulated foods that are lower in calories, fat and salt; adjust their feeding schedule and cut back on the treats. You may also want to add some supplements to their diet to improve joint health and overall vitality.
Your dog may be content to spend most of the time napping, but exercise is key to staying healthy and happy. Regular exercise helps dogs maintain their weight, lubricate joints, strengthen muscles and stimulates their mind. Identify the right kinds of gentle, low-impact exercises that are appropriate for seniors and steer clear of any that could aggravate existing joint issues.
There are illnesses and conditions that could arise in even the healthiest of senior dogs. Look out for signs of osteoarthritis, doggy dementia, heart disease, and declining hearing or vision. The good news is, there are ways that these can be managed through lifestyle changes, supplements or medication. Remember that regular vet visits are essential for senior dogs so that potential issues can be identified and managed from early on.
Grooming is about much more than just keeping pets at their beautiful best. Older dogs have fragile skin that needs more care. They’re prone to skin conditions and can develop problems with matted fur or overgrown nails. Develop a grooming routine that keeps your dog comfortable and ensures that they feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside.

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