5 easy ways to be more mindful

5 easy ways to be more mindful

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Slow down and re-connect with Kate Kendall’s top 5 tips for mindfulness.

1. Be still

Find 2 to 3 moments in the day (including the very start of it in the morning) to be completely still. Just observing the breath.

Stillness is the most underutilised tool we have for productivity and fulfillment.

2. Deep breaths

Take just 2 minutes to push yourself away from your desk and focus on deep breathing. Simple act – big results.

3. Connect

Whoever you’re with at any one time – focus on them and the conversation. Try not to be distracted by other people, mobile phones or anything else. The greatest gift you can give to someone is your presence. Give it generously.

4. Mindful eating

Be mindful of the types of foods that over stimulate and cause ‘crashes’, (typically caffeine and sugar). Instead, opt for natural sources of energy and vitality, made with whole foods and boosted with Blackmores Superfoods + Nature Boost powders.

Also, when you’re eating, eat slowly and savour each mouthful. Not only will you be less likely to over eat but your digestive system will thank you.

5. Digest your day

At the end of your day, take 5 minutes to sit and reflect. Acknowledge the conversations, actions and hot spots in your day.

Give gratitude for the things that were great and – without necessarily wading in them – recognise the areas you could have acted with more integrity or kindness. Processing your day is key to sleeping well and clearing your head.

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