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6 Stressbusting diet tips

6 Stress busting diet tips

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Clear your stress slate with these science-backed food ideas, writes Rosie Brogan.

1. Water your can
Sink six to eight glasses of water a day—this clears your thinking and helps you to concentrate. If you get bored of straight water, jazz up your bottle with slices of lemon or lime or try mineral or soda water instead.

2. Commit to eating breakfast
Noshing down on brekky helps to stabilise your blood sugars and sets you up with enough energy to take on the morning. If you’re feeling irritable and you’ve skipped breakfast, it could be a sign you’re missing the nutrients that keep your body satiated.

3. Take fish oil
Clinical trials suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may improve mood, increase vigour, reduce anger and ease states of stress. One study probed 126 male university students and suggested that polyunsaturated acids may improve stress levels in the lead up to tests. What’s more, these friendly oils improved concentration, fatigue and academic organisation among the students.

4. Watch your coffee habit
In high doses, caffeine causes restlessness and agitation, so stick to one cup a day. If you can’t go without an arvo hit, try green tea or decaf coffee – you’ll still get the comfort, but with far less caffeine.

5. Go herbal just before bed
Chamomile and peppermint tea can help you flick stress and sink into sleep. Have one cup 30-60 minutes before turning in for the night.

6. Steer clear of preservatives
Preservatives can place extra stress on your body so avoid chemical additives such as flavourings and colourings. The same goes for artificial sweeteners: replace these with honey (those with the lowest GI are manuka, yellow box and stringy bark varieties).

References available upon request.