Why it's time to give meditation another go

Why it's time to give meditation another go

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Feeling frustrated with meditation? Discover Meditation 2.0: A new way to meditate.

Meditation. We know it’s good for us. It helps to decrease stress, boost focus & clarity and improve our overall wellbeing.

But how many times have you tried to meditate only to find your mind flying off in all directions while you shift uncomfortably in the lotus position?

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Does the difficulty of moving into a meditative state leave you thinking that meditation is just not for you?

Well it’s time to give it another try!

Watch the world’s worst meditator crack the art of meditation with Meditation 2.0: A new way to meditate.

Meditation 2.0 is the brain-child of Dr Amit Sood from the Mayo Clinic.

Its basic premise is that in our busy modern lives we need an innovative approach towards meditation based on a deeper understanding of our current life’s challenges and how the brain works.

You can read more about his approach here

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I love meditating, when i first started out, I found it very tough to sit there silently as i'm always on the go, but the practice I learnt was simple and over time i started to be able to sit still and notice how less stressed I was and how more energised I was becoming with everything. I learnt a practice called Shambavi from Isha Yoga foundation, its fantastic, highly recommend to everyone.
Anonymous 22 Jul 2015