5 Tips to fire up your fitness routine

5 tips to fire up your fitness routine

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5 tips to fire up your fitness routine.

1. Have something to strive for
Long-term goals are vital to your success because they provide direction, motivation and focus. Just how much your long-term goals mean to you will ultimately determine your level of success.

Think about (or better still write down) how exercise will help you achieve something that's important to you. Goal setting might seem tedious, but it only takes a few minutes, and it provides a driving force that can make a real difference.

Ideas for long-term goals

  • Compete in a fun run, triathlon or marathon 
  • Fit into a favourite item of clothing
  • Be fit enough to keep up with your children / grand kids

2. Use the buddy system
Making changes and sticking to them is always easier with the company of others. Try to find a friend, family member or partner who enjoys exercise, and schedule a few workouts together each week. It's a lot friendlier on your waistline than catching up over coffee and cake. A training partner gives you an outside source of motivation that can encourage and support you, and make exercise more enjoyable. Having someone who depends on you will also make it harder to skip a workout. Try to find someone with the same goals, and a similar level of fitness to you.

3. Add spice
Look at ways to make constant changes to your routine so you don't get bored. This might include using different locations, durations, surfaces, intensities, equipment, techniques, time of day and activities to add interest. These changes can also challenge your body in a different way, helping you to develop a broader base of fitness, and prevent overuse injuries. Team sports are another great addition to your fitness regime by giving you the opportunity to socialise, have fun and even meet new people.

4. Watch and listen
Listening to music while you exercise has been shown to boost weight loss and help you stick to a fitness plan. Portable listening devices have come a long way, and you can store hours of music, talking books and radio podcasts on a device no bigger than a matchbox. The distraction will help you to exercise for longer, and make your workouts feel shorter. The same applies to watching television while you use exercise equipment, especially if it's a program you enjoy. 

5. Learn from the past
Think back to a time when you really enjoyed exercise, and identify the circumstances and characteristics of that activity that made it valuable to you. It will also be worthwhile to examine the reasons why your last exercise program didn't last, and what you can change so you are more likely to succeed in the future.