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Power breakfasts

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Start your day on the best note possible with these sumptuous ideas from our store of health experts.

Set the stage for the first part of your day with these breakfast suggestions. To power through the whole day, however, you'll have to follow up at lunchtime with healthy choices – including protein, to provide energy and sustenance.

Mid morning and afternoon snacks of nuts, seeds; fruit and/or yoghurt will also help to sustain energy and productivity throughout the day. Also, don't forget water to keep the body hydrated and maintain your ability to think clearly.

Power breakfasts

1. Porridge with a drizzle of flaxseed oil and honey, topped with some raw mixed nuts

2. Muesli (raw is best) with soy milk or rice milk and good quality yoghurt, fruit, almonds and flaxseed meal. As adequate protein is important, add some whey protein powder.

3. Two poached eggs on good quality wholemeal bread plus an orange. Also add a fresh squeezed vegie juice (carrot, green apple, ginger and celery).

4. Organic spelt flakes. Add two dessert spoons of an organic plain yoghurt, two dessertspoons of mixed berries and two teaspoons of ground mixed nuts and seeds (pepitas, linseeds, almonds and sunflower seeds).

5. Start with a cleansing drink of a squeeze of lemon in a glass of warm water. Follow with a whole egg omelette combining field mushrooms, tomato and parsley.