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Single leg bench driver

Single leg bench driver

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Improve glute strength and activation and develop hip alignment stability with the single leg bench driver.

Legs 1 exercise 1 | Single leg bench driver

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How to
Drive one leg up towards the ceiling by pushing off a bench and coming into a glute bridge position. Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds before lowering and repeating.

Perform each set for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest (45/15) and repeat 3 times on each leg.

Make it advanced
To increase difficulty lower down more slowly than you drive up.

Increase each rep to 60 seconds with a 15 second rest (60/15) and then 90 seconds with a 15 second rest (90/15) all for 3 rounds.

Expert tip
Can be done off the floor, don’t drop hips, brace through the core and ensure that the leg driving up is straight with a flat foot.

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Blackmores has created this series of strength training exercises for runners in partnership with elite runner Vlad Shatrov. With over 10 years’ experience training runners together with competing at the highest levels in distance running, he knows what it means to be a runner.

Vlad is also the founder of Runlab, a leading provider of group interval training sessions, group functional strength classes and personalised running analysis and programming. He has trained runners of all abilities, so whatever your distance he can help you with you run your best race yet.