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Total body workout

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Working out at home is easy with this total body workout, designed for you by Danielle Bazergy. It’s the perfect combo to get your heart rate up and build your strength. Plus, you can do it with minimal space and no equipment, all in under 30 minutes.

This total body workout will get your heartrate elevated, your booty burning and your core stronger than an apple. 

It is split into 2 sections; the first focuses on your lower body and getting your heart rate up with small rest periods. 

The second is focusing on strengthening your upper body and your core for 12 minutes straight with little to no rest, to empty the tank and perform under fatigue. 

The total body workout

Part one - EMOM

3 rounds

1. 30 x Frog squats
2. 20 x Glute bridges
3. 10 x Burpees
4. 20 x Plyo lunges
5. 30 x Prisoner squats 

EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute”.

Set a timer that will buzz every minute. For this workout, you will complete the single prescribed exercise at the start of every minute and the remainder of the minute will be your rest. 

For example, the timer will start and you will start your 30 frog squats. Let’s say this takes you 45 seconds, you will then have 15 seconds to rest before you start your glute bridges. 

The workout is complete when you have completed 3 full rounds of the 5 exercises (15 minutes). 

Part two - 12 minute AMRAP

15 x Moving plank
15 x Leg raises
15 x Spiderman push ups
15 x Bird dogs
15 x Butterfly sit ups

AMRAP stands for “as many rounds as possible”.

Set a countdown timer for 12 minutes. For this workout, you will be completing exercises 1-5 as many times as you can in a 12 minute block, with as little rest as possible in between each exercise. 

Good luck!

Danielle Bazergy is a fitness coach and presenter, with a passion for HIIT and strength training. Follow her @daniellebazergy for more inspiration on living a healthy balanced life.