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6 easy recipes your kids can help you cook

6 easy recipes your kids can help you cook

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Try these easy recipes at home with your kids and they’ll be competing to be your little helper in the kitchen.

Exposing children to good nutrition early is essential… and what better way than getting them to help you prepare simple healthy food ideas. 

Whether you have a mini MasterChef or simply a curious kid who likes to lick the bowl there are many ways you can include your children when cooking. 

Cooking with your kids gives you the opportunity to introduce them to a range of fresh, nutritious foods and inspires healthy eating habits for life. 

There are some recipes that kids can’t help but get excited about, and when you announce you’re about to cook one of these you’re sure to be surrounded by willing assistants. 

Here are six recipes ideas they’ll love to help with.

Homemade pizza

To have a successful pizza cooking session, prepare and chop as many of the ingredients ahead of time and let your kids decide what to top on their own pizza.
You might be surprised how many veggies make it on to the pizza as they get carried away with the fun of it. 

If you have time to make the dough from scratch then this activity will be even more fun, but there’s nothing wrong with topping a good quality store-bought base or pita bread if you are low on time.


Most kids will jump at the offer to help you make a batch of biscuits. Some of the more rustic favourites such as Anzac, chocolate chip or jam drops work well as they are more forgiving for little helping hands. 

Plus, these can be adapted to include some more nutritious ingredient swaps (such as sultanas for choc chips) or reduced sugar. 

Try these Little lamington bites for a refined sugar free option.

Bliss balls

Creating bliss balls is a great option for younger children because they are quick to make and you can enjoy them instantly. 

Usually full of whole food ingredients, kids can help with pouring the different ingredients into a food processor, and then watch as you blitz everything to a pulp. 

They can then help shape the mixture into little balls and will love rolling these in toppings such as desiccated coconut. 

Icy pops

Making icy pops is as easy as blitzing some fresh fruit and vegetables and pouring them into some pre-prepared moulds. Combining new or previously refused foods with a food they love can be a great way to encourage food trial and acceptance.

If your kids are lovers of ice-cream why not try these Blueberry coconut pops.


If you have a little more time up your sleeve, why not try making your own pasta? 

Making fresh pasta using a pasta machine is one kitchen activity that will create lasting memories and it’s so much fun to do. 

To keep their interest, prepare as many of the ingredients ahead of time. The fun part of pasta making is the rolling of dough (so if your children are young, you can prep the dough and have it in the fridge).

Tacos & nachos

There are some meals that are just calling for vibrant colour and fresh ingredients. Kids can get involved in washing, chopping and plating up the buffet-style meal and might even try something new, like avocado made into guacamole, in the process. 

We think they will love our recipe for Full loaded nachos!

Not only is getting the kids involved in the kitchen great for their attitude towards healthy, homemade foods, there’s always the chance that they’ll one day be skilled enough to make dinner for the whole family!