Kate Kendall

Heart centering meditation

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If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed during times of stress, it’s the perfect time to check-in with your heart and calm your mind. Pull up a comfy seat with Kate Kendall as she guides us through this effortless meditation.

Heart centering meditation with Kate Kendall

The mind–body connection - move your meditation into a more physical practice

Activities that exercise your body and mind simultaneously have firmly established themselves as popular ways to workout. The "no pain - no gain" philosophy is getting pushed aside by activities that deliver inner harmony, balance and functionality. 

As people seek a gentler path towards health and wellness, mind-body exercises appeal to people of all ages, physical capabilities and body types. 

By engaging your mind, and getting you to focus on posture, form, breathing, and the body's core, activities such as Pilates, yoga and Tai chi help you to unwind and relax. There is a focus on stress relief and total wellness, not just fitness.

Read more on how the energising exercises work your spiritual and psychological self, in addition to improving your strength, flexibility, and body awareness. 

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