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Ash London stretching in the park

Ash London’s simple guide to rest & recovery

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We get candid with Ash London about her running journey, and why listening to her body is her non-negotiable.

I always dreamed of being a ‘runner’.  One of those people who wakes up in the morning, puts their sneakers on and glides out the door at dawn pounding the pavement with ease and joy and returning home fresh and alive before the household wakes up.  

Unfortunately for me, I am not a ‘runner’ and I will never be that person. I am however, learning to run in all my glorious awkwardness and I must admit, with every week that passes I slowly feel more and more comfortable pounding the pavement.  
While I’m not an expert runner, I am definitely passionate about rest and recovery.  And by rest I don’t mean sitting on the couch with a bag of Doritos watching Netflix (although sometimes I do that too).  My body is the only one I have, so I’ve put together a little list of my fave ways to rest and recover to give my body the best shot it has to keep moving, mentally and physically!   

Sleep sleep sleep!

I really believe this is when our body’s do their maintenance work, so you can’t be skimping on sleep. I know that the parents among us have it a little tougher here (you are our heroes!) but giving yourself enough time with your head on the pillow (and your eyes off your phone); this is a big necessity for me. 


Ash London holding Blackmores Super Magnesium+
"I also make sure I have plenty of water and include supplements in my diet like magnesium to support muscle health."

Get stretchy

There are thousands and thousands of expert videos on YouTube that will take you through a really nice slow stretch, and especially on running days, these can be super beneficial!  I’ve found yoga is a great way to not only tap into your own body, but tap into your mind as well.  

You don’t have to join a studio or dedicate hours a day - even if you can find 15 minutes to stretch you’ll feel the difference. Yoga has been truly life changing for my muscles and my body, but as I get older I also make sure I have plenty of water and include supplements in my diet like magnesium to support muscle health.


This is my favourite life hack.  Although it’s something we do 24/7 to keep us alive, many of us don’t breathe mindfully.  Your breath might be short and shallow. You might find in times of stress that you hold your breath (I know I do).  

Taking five minutes to close your eyes and tune into yourself as you take slow, deep breaths can feel as good as a nap!  You can do it at home, at your desk, or even hiding from the kids in the pantry.   
We can only perform to the level that our bodies are able, and I honestly believe that rest and recovery is just as important as physical endurance. It’s become a big focus in my life, and when I am in that recovery zone, there is no shiny new thing that can distract me! It must be why my goal personality type is a Magician; I only have this body, so I want to treat it well, show it love, and always try and listen.  
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Ash London is a national radio host for the Hit Network’s nightly pop-culture and music show, Ash London Live! As an avid supporter of looking after our bodies and minds (and even those of our furry friends), Ash is also the host of Podcast One Australia’s Sunny Side Up and a Greyhound Rescue ambassador.

Always read the label. Follow directions for use. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.