Salmon poke bowl
24 Oct 2019

5-day healthy meal plan

1 mins to read
Kick wholesome eating into gear with our guide to delicious healthy eating. It’s not a diet or a detox, just delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for you to enjoy Monday to Friday.



Breakfast | Homemade natural muesli
Start the week off easy with do-it-yourself muesli. Oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit like goji berries, natural yoghurt and fresh fruit

Lunch | Tomato & cucumber salad with spicy chickpeas
Not just a side dish, this fully loaded salad is packed with nutrients to keep you going all day.

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Dinner | Smoky lentil & sweet potato tacos
Ready in under an hour this veggie take on tacos is vibrant, fun and perfect for a nutritious week night meal.

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Breakfast | Sourdough toast with ricotta and strawberries
Toast one or two slices of fresh sourdough bread. Spread on ricotta and top with sliced strawberries and fresh mint.

Lunch | Chilli tofu salad
A good, hearty salad is one of the most satisfying things to eat and they become more desirable as the weather warms up.

It’s easy to think that salad is not an adequate meal but when you build them the right way, a salad can be the most satisfying meal for both your tastebuds and your body.

This Asian-inspired salad contains seven different vegetables, a good source of protein and healthy fats to ensure your daily nutrition needs are looked after.

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Dinner | Grilled salmon and greens
Keep it simple with a lightly grilled salmon and a serve of your favourite greens. Or go for a more substantial meal and add some rice, quinoa or couscous.


Breakfast | Raspberry smoothie bowl
Simply add raspberries, banana, almond butter and ice to the blender with a dash of your milk of choice. Pour into a bowl and top with granola, fresh berries and coconut flakes.

Raspberries not your thing, or more of a green smoothie fan? Head to the Minimalist Baker for some more smoothie bowel inspiration

Lunch | Grilled chicken wrap
An easy, quick and tasty lunch on Wednesday. Just ountain bread, greens, grilled chicken and sundried tomato topped with basil and a squeeze of lime.

Dinner | Coconut dahl soup 
A nourishing soup made with plant-based proteins, butternut pumpkin and warming spices is just the thing to feed the body as we make it through mid-week.

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Breakfast | Avo on toast
You can’t have a healthy eating plan without avocado and eggs on toast.

One or two slices of rye lightly toasted. Top with slices of avocado and boiled egg and serve with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

Lunch | Brown rice salmon sushi
Master the art of DIY Japanese with Allrecipes avocado brown rice sushi.

Dinner | Maple glazed tempeh salad
This fuss-free salad is simple, delicious and a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein & fibre.

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Breakfast | Protein breakfast smoothie
Blitz berries, bananas, vanilla protein powder and your choice of milk in a blender and voila breakfast is done.

Or for something a little different try this Berry nice smoothie from Love Raw Treats

Lunch | Salmon poke bowl The perfect healthy Friday lunch make this easy salmon poke bowl from Chowhound

Dinner | Mexican slaw with tahini chipotle dressing
Fill your stomach right to the very edges. This hearty slaw salad is full of strong Mexican flavours and reminds me of the inside of a burrito. It’s vegan yet still creamy with a luscious and spicy tahini dressing making it a healthier option to the traditional coleslaw you probably know.

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