Vitamins personalised for you


Inspired by nature and science, Blackmores B(more) makes vitamins simple, with tailored daily sachets delivered to your door.

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How does Blackmores B(more) work?

It's vitamins, made simple.


Step 1

Tell us a bit about yourself, so we can pick what’s right for you.


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Get your B(more) Kit suggestion tailored to your health goals. Boom.


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Tick it off your list. We’ll deliver straight to your door every month.

Vitamins personalised for you

It's time vitamins got personal

We hear you. We know health isn't always easy and let’s be honest – a tad confusing.

We created Blackmores B(more) to help you support your goals and provide a helping in hand in choosing the right vitamins for you, now and in the future.

We care about our planet and we’re taking action

carbon neutral

Net zero
carbon emissions
by 2030

clean energy

100% renewable sources
of electricity
by 2030


100% recycled
by 2025

Vitamins personalised for you

Wondering what's right for you?

Less confusion equals more time to do you with vitamins selected by the Blackmores B(more) profiling tool for your unique health needs. That’s doubt-free living right there.

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FAQs - answered!

All the nitty gritty you need to know. Can't find what you need? Hit us up on live chat.

Blackmores B(more) has been built to help you with your general health and wellbeing. We know it can be confusing deciding what vitamins are right for you so we developed our custom built questionnaire to help navigate our product range and suggest a B(more) Kit for you. The B(more) Kit consists of 28 daily sachets, packed with your vitamins and sent direct to your door.
Our custom built questionnaire was developed in-house by the Blackmores team. 
Once you finish the Blackmores B(more) profiling tool, we'll suggest a B(more) Kit to help you with your health goals. This B(more) Kit is a suggestions based on what you tell us throughout the questionnaire. The B(more) Kit's have been developed to help with your general health and wellbeing, plus have other vitamins targeted at specific health focus areas.

To complete the questionnaire is 100% free. At the end we will suggest a B(more) Kit for you. All B(more) Kits come in at $66.60 for your 28-day supply for a one-off purchase. If you choose to subscribe to your B(more) Kit, we will give you 10% off plus FREE shipping. This brings the total cost down to $59.94 or $2.14 per day. Overall it is a total saving of $14.66 when you include the FREE shipping.

At this point in time, Blackmores B(more) is delivering to Australian addresses only.

The mailing shipper and the carton box itself are both recyclable –  you can pop them in your paper bin. Your empty B(more) sachets are 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program. The REDcycle Program has partnered with participating supermarkets to provide REDcycle bin locations all throughout Australia - Check out where to REDcycle or visit to find out more.

The plastic sachet does the important job of protecting the potency of your products in a convenient format.  But single-use plastics are not in line with our vision for a world where people and nature thrive together. While we work on a more sustainable option that minimises our impact on the planet and protects the active ingredients in your products, we have invested in tree planting initiatives in Australia to offset the emissions of this packaging.

Thanks for being patient with us while we work towards a better packaging future

Vitamins personalised for you

Ready to make health (more) simple?

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