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Sam Wood’s tips for maintaining healthy movement every day

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I’m sure many of you can relate to me when I say that 2020 and 2021 have made for some serious revisions in daily routines! With lockdowns and home schooling and working from home, it’s been a serious struggle for so many of us to maintain a healthy level of movement every day

Daily exercise is so vital to maintaining healthy bodies, healthy minds and happy souls. It boosts circulation, promotes healthy hearts and lungs, puts healthy movement through our joints and bones, and keeps us nice and strong. Exercise has been proven to foster a healthy state of mind and it produces those wonderful chemicals called endorphins – and who doesn’t want more of those?

So, I thought I’d pull together a few handy movement tips and strategies that I’ve found have been beneficial when I’m trying to re-establish that balance amongst the madness that life throws at us. 

Set a goal

If you can establish a movement goal for every day or every week, you’ll be more inclined to try and factor it into your schedule and plan things around it as much as possible. Want to make sure you move for 30 minutes a day? Maybe set your alarm a touch earlier to get a walk or jog in before the rest of the house wakes up. Prep your lunch before-hand and use your lunchbreak to do a quick HIIT workout. Running or walking the Blackmores Virtual Sydney Running Festival is a great goal to work towards, and even better, it’s free! 

Choose exercise the whole family can enjoy

It's worth noting that all movement is good! Your daily movement doesn’t have to be a traditional workout if you can’t get it in. Juggling a mad house of kids? Opt for taking the kids and the dog out for a nice walk to get some fresh air, or maybe a bike ride. Kick the footy around for a bit. Chuck on some music and have a silly time dancing around to everyone’s favourite songs – no one’s watching, who cares! 

Join an online community who will encourage you

Nothing beats a supportive community when you’re trying to make positive changes for yourself. At 28 we are completely and utterly blessed to have a community of supportive 28ers who are the most uplifting and loving people you will ever meet. Join 28, and you will see what I mean – they’re amazing! 

Choose exercise that is easy to do from home

While we don’t have access to gyms or the group classes so many of us love, there are lots of options out there that mean you can do effective guided exercise at home. Explore a few different new workouts that are easier to do from the space that you have. Our 28 program currently offers 7 different types of workouts that are all designed to be done without a gym.

Don't forget recovery 

Once you’ve found the strategies that work for you, and you’re back to moving your body every day, remember the recovery side of things. Gentle stretching, walking and meditation are going to help your body recover after bursts of activity or anything strenuous. Yoga is one of my favourite recovery activities that I do through our 28 app with our wonderful instructor Zoe. I take Blackmores Super Magnesium+ everyday, which supports muscle endurance and reduces muscle tension when dietary intake is inadequate. So I can keep moving and keep doing what I love.

Set move alarms

Working from home at your desk all day or home schooling? Set hourly move alarms on your phone. Every time your alarm goes off, get up and put some movement through your body for a few minutes – do a bunch of star jumps, smash out some push-ups, or just jog some laps of the house! You’ll be amazed at how energised you feel afterwards.



Blackmores Super Magnesium+ is designed to support muscle endurance and reduce muscle tension when dietary intake is inadequate.

Sam Wood is a trainer and wellbeing expert. Blackmores is delighted to partner with 28 by Sam Wood, Australia’s leading at home fitness and nutrition program, to further support you to invest in your health and wellbeing.