How to build a backyard obstacle course

Superkids® activity: How to build a backyard obstacle course

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A DIY obstacle course in the garden is not only fun to build … it’s a blast to complete, too. Invite the neighbours and let the race begin.

We all want our kids to spend less time on their screens and more time being active … and having fun, too.

Building a simple obstacle course in your garden is an excellent way to get them off the couch and into the great outdoors. It’s an entertaining and engaging idea – and perfect for a crowd. They can invite their friends over, or other kids in the neighbourhood, to make an afternoon of fun.

Don’t have a military background? No problem. This is your DIY obstacle course, adaptable for big and little kids.

Best of all, the kids can play an active role in building the course before they tackle it – and it uses stuff that you might just have lying around the house.

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